2009 Challenge

Woo Hoo!  The 2009 Poverty Challenge was the first of its kind and a tremendous success.

In fact, The Poverty Challenge was such a success that the Limestone District School Board has committed funds to create a free digital template so that interested communities anywhere can recreate this profound simulation event for their own students and community members.

2010 Challenge

Year two of the Poverty Challenge in Kingston, Ontario was a great success.  This second annual event was held for over 100 secondary students of the Limestone District School Board. You can  read some of the many impressive student proposals for improving Kingston.

2011 Challenge

In its third year, the Poverty Challenge continued to grow. Supported once again by the Limestone District School Board, well over 100 students attended this event. You can watch the 2011 Speaker's Corner videos on YouTube.

2012 Challenge

By 2012, the Poverty Challenge was a well known annual event for the LDSB! You can watch the 2012 Speaker's Corner videos on our YouTube channel!