Crossroads United Church

On January 20th, 2013, approximately 80 members of several local congregations met at Crossroads United Church for a two-hour Poverty Challenge. You can see photos from this event. This event was the first time that we ran the half day version of the toolkit and it was a huge success. You can download a copy of the agenda to run your own half day Poverty Challenge.

Brock University

On April 5th, students from Brock University participated in a Poverty Challenge. This event was a huge success and inspired many productive discussions about moving forward with this project and implementing it in the St. Catherines community.

Queen's University

On April 16th, students from the Faculty of Education at Queen's University participated in a Poverty Challenge. This was one of the first Poverty Challenge events run for teacher candidates and it was followed by several more large scale programs. Photos from this event are online.

The CORE, Belleville

A Poverty Challenge for students in the Algonquin Lakeshore District Catholic School Board and Hastings School Board in Belleville, Ontario took place on Tuesday, May 14, from 8:30 to 3:30, at the CORE, 223 Pinnacle Street in Belleville. Watch the Speaker's Corner videos on YouTube!

Queen's University

On November 27, another 750 students from the Faculty of Education at Queen's University participated in a Poverty Challenge.

We made modifications to our program with these participants in mind. One of our guests, a mother living with less, described teachers who demonstrated compassion to her children and contrasted this with teachers who responded callously or with indifference. The culminating group task for B. Ed. participants was the creation of a Charter of Compassion outlining how they will demonstrate empathy and support of families living in poverty.

This Faculty of Education Poverty Challenge was five times larger than any previous Poverty Challenge that we have presented. It was an exciting, educational, chaotic and emotional day!