The creators of The Poverty Challenge have developed TWO FREE TOOLKITS.

These are free online resources which will guide groups as they replicate two kinds of events.

Poverty Challenge Toolkits for Professionals, Communities, and High Schools
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Toolkit for Professionals and Communities

The Toolkit for Professionals and Communities will assist you to run a challenge for adults in your community. This half day event is designed for professional training of community leaders.

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Toolkit for High School Students

The Toolkit for High School Students will equip you to run a full day challenge for multiple secondary classes. The activities in this toolkit are designed for teenagers and the kit also includes follow up activities that connect to the Ontario curriculum.

How to bring the Challenge to you community:

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Additional Instructional Videos

This video provides and overview of the event and the schedule for the one day simulation.

This tutorial shows four different agency actions so you can gain a full understanding of how the simulation works.

Here, you will hear from Ontario citizens receiving social service benefits explaining the realities of living in poverty.

This playlist of the Speaker's Corner videos from some of the past events help illustrate the impact of the event on participants.

A walkthrough of the Wealth Squares Activity which provides a visual representation of the distribution of wealth in Canada.

This activity is particularly useful for students participating in an event as it helps them to recognize and deconstruct stereotypes and stigma attached to living in poverty.