The Challenge

The Poverty Challenge is an intense one-day summit on poverty. As one of over 150 participants, you’ll be given a challenge that you’ll try to meet by seeking help from local agencies during a simulation involving over 100 volunteers and real procedures and documents from community and government organizations in your community. You’ll have to do your best to succeed by providing the necessary answers, information and documentation. If you are not successful, you’ll have to find another way for you and your family to survive.

After the simulation, you will engage in a debrief with other participants. Your experiences during the simulation will give you insight into many specific and local social issues. Working with other participants who experienced the same challenges, you will come up with an action plan to start solving a problem that you encountered.

Poverty is a complex issue that affects thousands of people, but some of the problems that cause poverty to exist can be fixed. The Poverty Challenge will give you experience and support to become an agent of social change.